What would you be prepared to risk to follow your conscience ?
How do the members of a family cope with their own personal grief when one of them dies in tragic circumstances ?

It is 2004. Andrew Burke, an unassuming  Irish academic, has a chance encounter with an escaped Death Row prisoner in America’s deep south. He makes the momentous decision to help Rob Williams evade his awful fate. The events Andrew sets in motion cause him to lock horns with a powerful politician whose family is coming to terms with the death from the drug overdose of his only son. They see him enlisting Susan Aldershot, a veterinarian, in his scheme to rescue Williams.  Fujita 4 explores the morality and politics of Capital punishment in the United States. 

What would you do for love ?


Andrew Sweeney is a computer systems analyst for the Metropolitan Electricity Board in London. Early in his marriage it becomes clear to him that his wife Deirdre enjoys the good things of life – a characteristic that Andrew’s salary cannot support. Then an opportunity at work presents a solution to his problem. Andrew rigs the computer billing program to siphon off funds for his own use.


It’s  ten years later. The fraud has successfully financed a comfortable lifestyle for his wife. Andrew is threatened with exposure when the new Managing Director of the company implements a ‘State of the Art’ replacement computer system. Seriously flawed, the system threatens not only Andrew’s world, it’s impact is felt all the way to 10 Downing Street, where the Prime minister will find himself fighting for political survival.


 It is the Winter of 1989 in the Philippines. It has been almost three years since the fall of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. Loyalists of the deposed regime are plotting a coup against the administration of President  Corazon Aquino. An eclectic group of expat businessmen find themselves caught up in the unrest. A Coup in Makati tells the story of what befalls them and the local women in their lives as the country is plunged into violence. A snapshot in time, this exciting thriller plays out in the hedonistic, morally ambiguous milieu of the business district of Manila, the nation’s capital

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